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CMT strives to hire the best Owner Operators in the trucking industry. Your application will be evaluated to insure that you meet CMT’s standards. We are looking for professional Owner Operators who meet the following requirements:

* Minimum 23 years of age

* Minimum 3 years verifiable total driving experience

* Minimum 1 year verifiable over-the-road driving experience

* Possess valid CDL license with proper endorsements

* Good safety & driving record

* Meets guidelines of Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)

* Meets guidelines & approval for hire by insurance company

* No more than 2 moving violations within the past 3 years

* No major or disqualifying violation convictions within the past 7 years

* No at fault DOT recordable accident(s) within the past 1 year

* Stable & verifiable work history

* No prior “Positive” tests on drug and/or alcohol testing by previous employers

* Able to perform essential functions of the job with no restrictions

* Possess a valid medical certificate

* Meet minimum physical qualifications as required by FMCSA Regulations

* Able to speak & read English at levels to meet position requirements

* A verifiable background that demonstrates trustworthiness & good character

* Equipment that meets the requirements of our customer base

* Meets CARB & EPA Standards (or will update as regulations evolve)

* Prefer tractor that is Canada legal

* Technical ability for maintaining Email account/viewing CMT Intranet required.