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Multiple Boat Shipments
CMT’s core business is transporting
multiple boat shipments for manufacturers & dealers. 
Yachts, Sailboats & Houseboats
CMT transports large boats, yachts, sailboats & houseboats up to 60 feet long, 15 feet tall & 42,000 pounds. 
Boats To & From Canada
About 15% of CMT’s business is transporting boats to & from Canada. Over 50% of CMT Boats trucks & drivers have  authority for Canada shipments. 
Specialty & Superload Boats
CMT knows some specialty boats require special transportation handling.
This includes superloads, larger
boats & specialty boats.
Military, Rescue & Conservation
CMT ships military, rescue & conservation boats. Most are transported for the manufacturer or for the government agency that owns the boat.
Boats In & Out Of US Ports
CMT  ships boats to & from US Ports for international handling. Over 75% of 
CMT trucks & drivers have port
clearance for this business.

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